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Free action adventure fantasy eBook on Amazon Kindle

So I know there’s tons of free books out there, but you really should grab this free action adventure on Amazon. Why? One of the books I love is Ghost Wars  – super complex but suspenseful – and it’s all true. But I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and steampunk. So throw this all together and have a hell of a ride with this free action adventure fantasy eBook on Amazon Kindle. Today only, March 11.




Our planet is fucked – governments and companies control our planet’s environment

Sorry, but it’s true. I really believe so. We are destroying our world faster than we can save it. When I was growing up, there was a book called ‘100 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO SAVE THE PLANET’. We did all those things, and America looks a lot cleaner. Our parks are cleaner and our air is cleaner. But the earth is still dying. And Even if every human on the planet did those 100 things to save the earth, the earth would still be fucked. Why? Because now, governments and companies control the fate of our planet’s environment, not ordinary people. And we know how that’s going to turn out. Governments and companies around the world don’t care about whales and polar bears. They care about profits. Sorry, but in my world travels these last 15 years, this is what I’ve seen. Yep, governments and companies control our planet’s environment.

We need a new book – 100 THINGS YOUR GOVERNMENT MUST DO TO SAVE THE PLANET. And every government must be on board. Just having America and a few European countries control emissions won’t cut it. All of Latin America, Africa, and Asia need to be on board. And the companies too. The thousands of oil rigs, the car companies, the plastic manufacturers. They all need to be in on recycling and reducing. But will they? Do they care? We are at the point where the fate of the planet rests in the hands of a few thousand very wealthy and privileged individuals. And they probably won’t listen until the floods reach up to their necks. That’s what happens in my novel, Sevara. The comic book is a continuation of the story. Most of the earth’s population is destroyed by a flood. It’s happening now. It’s biblical. And we are not far off. My wife calls me the optimist, but when the people aren’t in control and don’t have the power to choose, then we have to trust the heads of 150 countries, and the CEO’s of 500 companies, none of whom are accountable for the choices they make.

Sevara takes place in a very distant future. Sevara was born in a future so distant, all traces of our civilization have been erased.

She was raised in an orphanage in the city of Plexus.

She was kicked out at age fifteen for refusing to marry.

Just before her death a few months later, she was rescued by a woman named Alta.

Alta was born a few hundred years from now, when the earth is on the brink of environmental collapse. Humanity is about to be wiped off the face of the earth. Alta takes a DNA storage project and infuses it into her body for safekeeping just before a massive flood overtakes her laboratory. She is one of the last human survivors.

Alta gains the ability to hibernate for hundreds or even thousands of years, and can reincarnate and regenerate. Alta gives these powers to Sevara. Alta and Sevara work to make humanity peaceful again, so we don’t repeat the mistakes we are making now.

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Free young adult fantasy book giveaway – Sevara: Dawn of Hope

Getting a free eBook is pretty cool, but nothing beats getting a free paperback book delivered to your door. Ender this giveaway to get a free copy of the young adult fantasy adventure Sevara: Dawn of Hope. Five winners will be randomly selected, and I’ll mail the book to the US, UK, Canada or Australia. Not bad!

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