A bit about the Kickstarter campaign

I had an anxiety dream last night about the Sevara issue #0 Kickstarter campaign. It was kind of like a nightmare, but it didn’t involve death or monsters or anything. It was just an email from Kickstarter saying that there was too much nudity in Sevara and that my campaign had been rejected. I’m not sure if this is normal, but I bet most of us who do Kickstarter projects work their way into an ulcer by the end of the campaign.

I’ve been working on the campaign for 6-8 months. I had originally planned to launch in November, and I’m glad I waited until January to launch. I had read somewhere that you need a year to build up to your campaign, and I totally agree with that. You need to have a huge Facebook following in order to get a following, as well as a decent Twitter following and some connections in the blog and news world. So I set out to make an internet presence before I launched the campaign. Some things worked, some didn’t. Guest blogging was a failure. Attracting attention on forums and LinkedIn didn’t work too well either. And Twitter follows are HARD to get, let alone retweets. Yeah, this is a lot harder than it looks.

So I launch on Sunday, and I feel my success will depend on some of my news articles going through or not, was well as promotion by myself and my publisher on our Facebook pages. The Sevara facebook page has 1,200 fans, and the Tri-State Comic Con FB page has 1,500. I think that if I can reach out to these people, and get the word out through some of my reward contacts Tommy Patterson and Patrick Mavros, we might do OK next week.

My hometown newspapers have been less responsive than I had hoped, but maybe their newsrooms are just bustling and my email is buried under a pile of late breaking madness. I think a bit of press in print would really help promote the campaign outside of Facebook, particularity after the first week when then FB momentum has worn off. Getting a mention in the media, like Bleeding Cool or the Kickstarter newsletter is vital to a successful campaign. Unfortunately, some of this comes down to personal connections and luck, so we’ll see what happens. Wish me luck! (and tweet the Kickstarter campaign like you’ve never tweeted before!)

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By Josh Chinsky
By Josh Chinsky

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