How I made the Sevara comic book trailer

After I made the Sevara trailer, I had a lot of people asking me how I made it, or surprised that I had made it myself. I have a background in Photography, so I went with what I knew best and played around in Photoshop.

Back when I had CS4, animation in Photoshop was labor intensive and time consuming. Now, with CS6, it is actually very simple. I made the trailer in less than 3 days. The animation is the easy part! Now, cutting out the shames and reassembling the backgrounds is the step in the process that takes the most time.

I’ve made a series of videos about how I made the trailer. If you know Photoshop well, you’ll learn all the techniques you need to make a comic book trailer or motion comic. The only secret I didn’t reveal was the movie editing software itself. That was simple – I just used iMovie, and chose of of the stock movie trailer templates. iMovie trailers can’t be edited. That’s ┬ávery limiting, but you can take any iMovie trailer and hit CONVERT TO MOVIE, which will change your un-editable trailer into a fully editable iMovie.

Here is the first tutorial!



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  1. Hallo…you r amazing!I am an upcoming comic book artist and I have a comic book that is being inked /colored and will be out in a couple of months.I want to make a promotional trailer for my comic and would like you to assist me if you are willing.honestly speaking I don’t have money to pay now but if you can assist me,trust me and be patient till my comic book is published..I will pay you, because I have already spent money hiring a colorist and I am a little bit short but if we can agree on this either in written or anything I will pay you.Let me know if your willing to help.

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