Extensive review of the Sevara graphic novel on Fanboys.inc

Here’s a quote from the extensive review of the Sevara graphic novel:

“This trade is a plethora of information, and the writing is definitely solid. The art stands out as slick and beautiful, accenting the story in stunning new ways. The fantasy aspect of the tale is also pretty spot on, with the magical elements explained just enough for them to be exciting, yet still mysterious. Also, I really like the way that the immoral, god like characters can actually be harmed, and technically die, only to be reborn. Instead of going with the tired trope of invincible warriors, Wampler uses some fresh ideas to breathe life into this fantastical tale with a strong female character at its center. Also, the bonus material within this trade is vital to the story, giving the reader a much needed timeline of events and also insight into the creation of this series. ”

Read the full review at: http://fanboysinc.com/indie-comic-review-sevara-the-graphic-novel/#sthash.ecx9c6pn.dpuf


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