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Sevara novel or graphic novel? Which to read first?

Have you read the graphic novel or the novel? Here’s more info on both, from a review on Fanboys Inc.

“As my comic book artists were drawing the graphic novel, I realized that my readers might want to know something about her origin. She is a goddess, but she was a mortal at one point. So I wrote a novel that explains her backstory, which is a young adult fantasy adventure, kind of like The Hunger Games or Divergent.”

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Cigars I love.

I don’t smoke too many cigars, but when I do, I only smoke a few kinds. I’m a bit picky about my cigars. No, I’m very picky. So, here are the cigars I love. Are these the best cigars? Maybe, cigars are very subjective. But if you pick your cigars at random, you’ll be disappointed and frustrated. So here’s a good way to get started.

My old standby is the Padron Maduro series. I like dark, stronger cigars, and this one is perfect all the time, and for a good price. Here’s a good review. 

For those of you who don’t smoke a lot of cigars, the choices can be mind boggling. For Padron’s, it’s quite simple – the 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 all have basically the same flavor, but different sizes based on how long you can steal away from real life. I prefer the Padron 3000 for smoke-time and cost. Maduro’s are darker, the naturals are lighter. I get mine from Tampa Humidor.

Next, I like cigars by Hoyo de Monterrey. I don’t believe that you have to be smoking a Cuban to get a good smoke. Many of the best tobacco growers and cigar companies left Cuba and began making their formula cigars in other parts of South America. But if you’re going to smoke a cuban, try the Grand Epicure by Hoyo de Monterrey. As $20 a pop, it isn’t cheep. But it’s good.

Padron is a non-Cuban that is as good if not better than Cubans. Another company that is way more famous than Padron is Arturo Fuente. The problem with this is that there’s just way too many Fuent’s to choose from! I like dark strong cigars, but no so strong that it knocks you off your feet. For a short strong smoke, try the Opus XXX Power Ranger. For something a little longer lasting and even stronger, try the Opus X Lost City.  For a milder smoke, try to find the very rare light to medium cigar Rosado Grand Reserva. Not expensive at all, a great value, but there’s so much hype around Arturo Fuente’s that they are sometimes just hard to get. And if you want a mild smoke that you don’t have to start a fist-fight over, grab an Arturo Fuente Sun Grown – perfectly balanced, not too mild and not too bold, it combines the flavors of the Opus X and the Reserva.


So there you have it. The Padron and many of the Arturo Fuente cigars are amazingly well priced. I’ve walked out of cigar stores with some truly terrible $10 cigars, so if you can find an excellent cigar for $7 or $8, why waste your money on something else. Like wine, there are just so many choices that it’s easy to choose at random and get burned. But grab a Padron 3000 Maduro for a dark smoke or Fuente Sun Grown for a light to medium smoke, and you won’t be disappointed.