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YA fantasy book trailer


Here’s a book trailer for the dystopian fantasy adventure novel Sevara: Dawn of Hope. You can grab it on Amazon right now!

The Empire Strikes Back and The Phantom Menace machete order fanedit

I’ve posted before about how I made a fanedit of Star Wars by putting the Empire Strikes Back and The Phantom Menace into  the same short film. This all came about when I read an article by by Rod Hilton, where he suggests a new way to watch the 6 Star Wars feature films. See, with Star Wars, there’s been an ongoing discussion about what order to watch the six films. The options have always been release order or episode order. Yet neither is perfect. Rod suggests machete order, meaning you watch episodes IV and V, then I, II and III, then finish off with Return of the Jedi. It makes the prequels like a very long flashback. I was trying to think when exactly that flashabck would take place, and I realized that it would probably come to Vader during the final lightsaber duel in The Empire Strikes Back. Vader might be able to use the force and push some of those memories into Luke, or at least use the force to project his lifetime of feelings. It clearly works, for although Luke his unhappy about the truth, he stops questioning it fairly quickly. There’s no scene on the medical frigate where Luke is in denial. No, he buys the story %100. Luke must have felt something, and it started in the Bespin core.

I wanted to make a fanedit that puts The Phantom Menace and The Empire Strikes Back in the same film by showing what might be going through both of their minds in the end sequence. I have plans to include The Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith, probably cut into Empire after Luke let’s go and falls into the Bespin core. But this is a start. You can watch the first 12 minutes below.

Dark Destiny puts all of the Phantom Menace within Empire

Fan edit Dark destiny puts Phantom Menace inside Empire! Here is my machete order mashup trailer.

I welcome your thoughts. Here’s the original blog post: