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Need help writing your comic?

Are you writing a comic book? Here are the websites and links that helped me. I adapted my play into a comic book by reading tutorials that others posted online. I love the internet!

But it all starts with the story. If you don’t have a story, you have nothing.

Perfecting your story


Robert McKee; I talk about McKee in depth in this book because I found this work extremely useful, I highly recommend checking it out:


Screenwriting 101 by FILM CRITIC HULK! on Amazon.


HULK’s blog: you should seriously spend some time reading his blog posts, he blogs here:


Writing an episodic story; comic books are long form storytelling. Not many articles deal with this. Here’s one about TV storytelling:


Sample comic book scripts; Scripts & Scribes has many other resources as well:


Writing for comics, 5 rules by Joe Edkin: Joe’s web articles about writing for comics are fantastic. His site is down, but some of his tips are archived on other people’s blogs.


Outlining your comic book by Joe Edkin: Joe’s resources are the best there are, unfortunately his page is down. This is a saved snapshot of a page from his website about outlining and page breakdowns:


Plot points; The Script Lab has lots of resources that are handy. Check out this page and many others for help with story and plot. You can see that the movies that have weak plot points tend to be weaker movies overall. Click on your favorite movie and look at the plot points. This will help you look at your comic book story:


mtvU Sand In: Trey Parker and Matt Stone talk about getting rid of the ‘and then’ moments and making sure your story is full of ‘but’ and ‘therefore’:


Dialog; sometimes I just get stuck on dialog. When that happens, I reread this article by Chuck Dixon. I can’t find it on his site, but it has been reposted here:


How to give your character some flaws:


Making a good bad guy; Chuck Dixon has many worthwhile articles, you can start with this one and then check out his other posts:


Comic book scripting, 10 short and simple words of wisdom from Chuck Dixon:


From plot to script: Cullen Bunn always had the best posts about plotting and scripting. His site isn’t always working, but try this link or find him on social media:


How a comic book page works; this is a fantastic, must-read article about how panels work and how action takes place in comics:

Sevara back to normal price


The deal is over. Sevara is back to normal price. $2.99. I will let you know when there’s another promotion.


Extensive review of the Sevara graphic novel on

Here’s a quote from the extensive review of the Sevara graphic novel:

“This trade is a plethora of information, and the writing is definitely solid. The art stands out as slick and beautiful, accenting the story in stunning new ways. The fantasy aspect of the tale is also pretty spot on, with the magical elements explained just enough for them to be exciting, yet still mysterious. Also, I really like the way that the immoral, god like characters can actually be harmed, and technically die, only to be reborn. Instead of going with the tired trope of invincible warriors, Wampler uses some fresh ideas to breathe life into this fantastical tale with a strong female character at its center. Also, the bonus material within this trade is vital to the story, giving the reader a much needed timeline of events and also insight into the creation of this series. ”

Read the full review at: