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Writer : Damian Wampler

How I went from the college town of Newark, Delaware to the globetrotting life of a U.S. diplomat starts at age 6 months. I was adopted by the only family I’ve ever known, doodled pictures, wrote stories, took photos, and joined the wrestling team. But a life overseas was calling me, and after college I joined the Peace Corps to see what was out there. I’ve spent the rest of my life trying to connect people to one another with images and stories, giving voice to the voiceless, and telling stories no one else will tell.

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His personal website is www.damianwampler.com

The graphic novel:

  • Artist : Andre Siregar

Andre grew up in Bojonegoro, a small city in East Java, Indonesia. His parents were doctors, but his mother also has a love for drawing and painting. Andre went to college in Surabaya, where he met his wife, got married, and has 2 cute kids. After his marriage he opened a comic shop selling American comics from Marvel, DC, and others. A local artist visited his shop and told him that making comics is hundreds of times better than selling them. In 2009 the Indonesian Economy collapsed and he was forced to shut his shop. But from then on he started teaching himself to draw comics, and has become a professional artist.

  • Colors : Anang Setyawan

Anang was born in Temanggung, a small village in the central Java Province of Indonesia. He grew up in Sumatera as the first child of a middle class family. He graduated from vocational high school and started working for a jewelry company, but soon realized that it was the wrong place for him (this is a true story!). He quit his job to follow his dream in visual art, and soon joined Papilon Studio and later House Of Imagi Studio in Semarang, Indonesia. He’s only been coloring since 2011.

  • Additional Art: Donny Hadiwidjaja
  • Covers : Josh Chinsky
  • Letters: Steve Wands

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