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Issue 1 trailer

Posted on 06/27/15
Runtime: 1:12

Sevara official trailer

Posted on 03/04/13
Runtime: 2:15

Teaser Trailer

Runtime: 2:37

a Dincarnation  
a teen plus rating is recommended  
  • Format : 3 issue series and TPB
  • Genre : Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Writer : Damian Wampler
  • Artist : Andre Siregar
  • Additional art: Donny Hadiwidjaja
  • Colors : Anang Setyawan
  • Covers : Josh Chinsky


In a future so distant it looks like our past, Sevara was born a mortal baby girl. After a chance encounter with an immortal, she gains incredible powers and guides humanity towards peace. The immortals have one task left - to go into stasis and give up both their powers and memories, so that humanity can begin again. One by one they fall into a great sleep and forget their past. All of them, that is, except Sevara. And when she awakens, she finds that the memories of her mortal life have seeped out and infected humanity. Now, only Sevara can put the world back the way it was.

You can read the three-part comic book series on ComiXology, Amazon's comic book reading app. ComiXology's guided view is the best way to read digital comics. Buy the Sevara issues here. You can also read the series in a gorgeous deluxe edition soft bound graphic novel, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The collected edition features seven pages of additional art by Donny Hadiwijaja, and forty pages of bonus materials, interviews, and art. Click here to go to Click here to find it on Barnes and Noble.

Published by Broken Icon Comics.

The novel, a young adult fantasy, tells the origin of Sevara. In the story, a fifteen-year-old orphan girl sparks a revolution that draws the attention of reclusive immortals. In Plexus, all girls are raised in orphanages to be sold off as servant-wives. Sevara has the chance to marry Lief, the son of a powerful and corrupt politician, but she refuses, and is cast out on the streets to die. Luckily, someone has been watching her. A goddess named Alta gives her a second chance at life just as Lief defies his father and is sent to the front. As a result, their fates are intertwined forever. When they meet on the battlefield, Lief sees her true beauty while Sevara learns his inner strength. Their love is tested, however, when Lief chooses to side with his father and crush the rebellion, while Sevara chooses to join the immortals who protect the city.

You can find a copy of the novel on Amazon. The soft back features a luxurious matte wraparound cover by artists Donny Hadiwijaja and Anang Setyawan. At the end of the book, you'll find twelve pages of art from the Sevara graphic novel, illustrated by Andre Siregar. To go to Amazon and see the print edition, click here.

The novel is also available in digital formats. You can read the ebook on your Kindle, or any tablet by downloading the Kindle app. Check out the Kindle edition here.

The Art

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